Thank you so much for taking interest in having me do a commission piece for you. :) My commissions are now open for a few projects that fit my normal style & subject matter. If your idea is something I am willing to take on, I will work with you to create something that you will love and cherish forever!


1. Artwork options:

  • Oil/Acrylic Painting

  • Black and White Graphite or Ink Drawing

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Tattoo Design

  • Graphic Design / Illustration (see “design portfolio” in navigation menu for examples of my design work)

    • Logo Design + Branding

    • Brand Collateral (business cards, brochures, posters, banners, stickers, web banners, social media images)

    • Apparel Design (t-shirts, patches, etc.)

    • Event Identity (posters, signage, social media images)

    • Menu Design (full menus, take out menus, web menus, restaurant signage)

    • CD Design (album covers, band tour posters, social media images)

    • Packaging Design

    • Book / Publication Illustrations

2. I will ask for any reference photos you have depending on the subject matter you want the artwork to be made up of (a person, animal, specific landscape, flowers, etc.) Please try sending higher quality images of reference for portraits! If an image is very blurry, pixelated, or highly shadowed it would be difficult to catch the accurate likeness of the muse.

3. Let me know if you would like any particular colors or symbols incorporated into the piece.

4. For paintings and drawings I will ask for a 50% deposit before I begin a piece, and the rest I will collect before I ship out the work. If I am designing a tattoo for you, I will need all of the money up front because digital exchange of the work will be made. 

5. I now offer worldwide shipping! You will pay for shipping price which will be calculated when we determine the size of the artwork. The larger the painting size and the further the shipping distance, the more expensive the shipping is going to be. After I complete a piece, it may take 1-3 weeks to ship out. I will be hand packaging the piece with care and also throw in a little surprise! ♡ If you live near me you can come pick up the painting in person to avoid having to pay a large shipping fee. If you live in Wisconsin, sales tax will also be added to the price we agree upon for any service I offer.

6. The payments for any commissioned piece will be made online on the bottom of this page. Purchasing a commission here on my official website (which runs on the Stripe e-commerce platform) will give both the customer and the seller legal buyer protection, which is a more reliable method of payment. I will send in progress pictures of the piece as I am working on it to show proof of my productivity and commitment. This also allows for (you) the client to give feedback and make adjustments if needed. I have never left a client less than 100% satisfied. :)


1. Please send your commission request email through my contact page (found at the top of this page on my main navigation menu).

2. Below are approximate pricing options for artwork. After we discuss everything and you have agreed to the guidelines previously mentioned, this is where you will go to make the purchase! 


For graphic design work, I charge by an hourly rate. Please contact me to get a price quote for your project and view my contract with separate guidelines for graphic design.

The chart below includes estimates for commissioned paintings, drawings only. Your artwork may have a higher or even lower price depending on the difficulty of the subject matter or the urgency needed. By discussing your vision through email beforehand, it will allow me to have a full understanding of what you would like done and price the artwork accordingly. 

Thank you!


Commission Payment