My name is Desirée Mae Forgét. I will be graduating in the next year with a BFA in graphic design, although the art form I am most passionate for is painting. Having skills in both the digital and studio world allows for a wide range of creativity and style. My work has evolved a crazy amount in the past year being a busy art student. In my free time, I enjoy attending music festivals, traveling, looking at art, spoiling myself with delicious food, visiting vintage and world import shops, and of course, painting. I am constantly inspired by beauty and there isn't a day that goes by without creating or thinking about art. My work is strongly influenced by the music I listen to, and also expresses my love for beauty I see in nature, animals, people and the colorful vibrations inside and out.

I am originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. There isn't much for me here as an artist living in a smaller city. I hope to head out to the West Coast soon after I graduate to explore & hopefully gain more exciting opportunities. This is just the beginning to my wonderful art filled journey, and I am happy to share my work with the world.

Thank YOU for the support, and enjoy! ♡